Brewday at Elusive Brewing

On the 2nd of June Alan, Daren and Jerry headed to Finchampstead to brew our Brew Con Community Brew Entry with the nicest man in beer – Andy Parker of Elusive Brewing.

Given Andy well publicised love of black IPAs and the fact that several other clubs were brewing various IPAs, this seemed the obvious choice and so Flashback Black IPA was born (#BIPACOMEBACK).

Of course we also took this opportunity to pop across to Siren’s Tap Yard for some tasty food from Spud Station and a cheeky Calypso after we had finished.

The recipe for a 20 l batch was:

Water profile:
Ca 90 ppm
Mg 7 ppm
Na 45 ppm
CO3 90 ppm
SO4 75 ppm
Cl 100 ppm
HCO3 110 ppm

Grain Bill:
80% Pale malt
8% Rye
4% Midnight wheat
4% Dark crystal
4% Chocolate (mash cap)

Target OG = 1.062

Mash Temp: 66˚C

20 g Herkules – 60 mins
25 g Simcoe – 15 mins
75 g Simcoe – whirlpool
100 g Citra – dry hop
100 g Mosaic – dry hop


Thanks to Andy for having us down at the brewery.

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