Spruce Beer Part 2: Brewing With Spruce Tips

With the single largest haul of spruce tips ever collected by 6 amateur brewers in a single afternoon (probably – don’t expect me to fact check such claims), JD and the rest of the Wild Weather gang got to work and brewed up a storm while we went back to our day jobs.

The end result was two beers. Firstly, Spruce Almighty – the UKs first ever spruce tip DIPA which used a massive 12 g/l of spruce tips. And secondly, Sprucie Bonus – a red ale containing approximately 4 g/l of spruce tips.

Rather than just regurgitate facts JD gave us about spruce tips (did you know that they contain more vitamin C than oranges?) or about the brew day itself, I thought it would be more entertaining to point you in the direction of our friends Mike and Cal over at By The Mash Tun who recorded an episode with JD and Iain on the Sprucie Bonus brewday. 


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